The Tickling Stick man, Heaton Chapel

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The Tickling Stick man, Heaton Chapel Empty The Tickling Stick man, Heaton Chapel

Post  xray on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:40 am

The fine line between sanity and madness runs through the centre of Stockport. There are many legendary "surrealists" who work in the region but few have surpassed the standards set by the Tickling Stick Man in the mid to late would see him at a distance at first, and you'd register his costume, like an ordinary businessman on his way to work, suited and booted with a bowler hat, swinging a briefcase. You'd look again and notice something out of place, his half mast Trousers for example, then you'd have a proper look and see the feather duster. His usual routine would involve wandering up and down the A6 with a fixed glare and his bared teeth gnashing. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to get in his way, like slow pensioners, would be attacked with the feather duster in the style of Ken Dodd with his tickling stick, except this guy had a malevolent edge and often accompanied his assault with some hideous yelling. He was great fun.


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