The lost Nutter film, Stockport

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The lost Nutter film, Stockport Empty The lost Nutter film, Stockport

Post  xray on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:45 am

Back in the mid eighties, a lad I knew in Heaton Moor made a super8 film of all the local nutters, including the aforementioned tickling stick Man, Me Name's Nigel, Dirty Monkey, Mad Paddy, and loads more including a classic Dancing Bid from Mersey Square, and anonymous chap who would walk ten paces, stop look at his watch, look up in the air, then do a funny little jig then walk on, and many, many more. it was an important anthropological document of post industrial urban psychology, and it was very funny.The lad who made the film, perhaps influenced by his research, changed his surname from Simpson to YeahButWhat. (Yeah.. that's it.. that's what this site is.. an anthropological document.. Ed)


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