Penny Man, Southend On Sea

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Penny Man, Southend On Sea Empty Penny Man, Southend On Sea

Post  xray on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:51 am

No-one who has ever lived in the town doesn't know this character.Real name Steve he worked at the flower stall in the high street although his main interests were to walk about with a bucket collecting pennies(hence the name).This 4 foot nothing fella was also quite aggressive on occasions but this could be put down to the abuse he received. He could be seen on any given night with the stick he used to get pennies out of drains,cracks in pavements,gutters, you name it and his bucket happily buzzing around, usually until he was chased away by local youths.No idea how much money he accumalated over the years though and maybe he's still up to it!


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