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Post  xray on Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:13 am

This short guy wiv a long bald head lives in chorlton and is usually spotted around iguana bar area. He clearly aint a tramp, just an all round heacase that has quite a few strings to his crazy bow. First spotted him screamin randomly at passers-by on piccadilly gardens on my lunchbreak, the nutters "bread-and-butter" if u like. This guy must have recognised me, and when i was on a packed 86 at 8.00am at a chorlton bus-stop, he passed me an A3 piece of paper through the open window. Everyone thought i knew this yahoo. So i opened it up and it said "let Turkey in the european union. Let byegones be byegones". Crazier than a shithouse rat. Fink he's a bitter as well...


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