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Post  pantera on Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:27 pm

I work at a very busy food store on Market Street and yep, we get a lot of weirdos.
Thought I'd see if any of you guys know any of them?
4 bags (cos he always asks for 4 carrier bags even when buying one thing) who always tells people he wants their babies even though he's fat smelly and hangin.
Saleem, some old guy who always buys reduced stuff and spends all day pretending to have intelligent conversations with people when we all know he's crazy.
Daily play, dubbed so for his love of daily play lottery tickets. Tries and fails to convince people he works when he clearly doesn't.
Obese doughnut eating cello woman who always comes in and buys like 5 packs of doughnuts a day. Seems to always have a cello case but we all reckon it's really full of doughnuts.
My personal fave is this really old, sweet looking man with a real high pitched voice who comes in and talks about the most morbid things such as killing unwed teen mothers and the holocaust. Absolute legend.
The dude who used to buy shedloads of Dettol and bathe in it....not seem him for years, probably dead. I mean, the man did bathe in Dettol.

So many more I could name!!


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