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Mad Malik Dances On Empty Mad Malik Dances On

Post  officerdribble on Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:43 am

Mad Malik is the stuff of legend indeed. Armed with his battery-less walkman and swaying in time to his own very special music, Malik has graced the streets of East Birmingham and particularly the Bordesely area for over twenty years.
Football fans, motorists and shoppers have stood in amazement as Malik throws shapes that would put a professional to shame but however much he entertains the public Babylon have little time for him. They object when he approaches motorists with his 'Kukamaka' stick and demands cigarettes or cash. They have gone as far as arresting him!
It does not worry the motorists, who in fact have been known to queue to earn a few dents in their car roofs from the said stick, this being viewed by the drivers as a mark of 'respect' from one as famous as Malik. It is even believed that young men. having passed their driving test go up to Green Lane for Malik's own physical endorsement of this rite of passage.
He is without doubt a star in the firmament of local culture and firmly deserves a tribute on this exceptional site. Dance you crazy fool, dance!!


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