Coughing man in Walkden (travel agents)

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Coughing man in Walkden (travel agents) Empty Coughing man in Walkden (travel agents)

Post  chris87 on Sun May 23, 2010 7:21 pm

I believe his name was Frank, He would go into the local travel agents in walkden, (my girlfriend worked there), he would go spend everyday going in to all 5 or 6 travel agents in the town centre, asking for prices for holidays, He once took a piss while talking to my girlfriend at her desk and would stink the place out, He would never book a holiday and was known as a time waster!, But one day he did book a holiday escorted into the shop by a chinese woman who was a dwarf and a black woman who was over 6ft and amazingly well dressed and i think only spoke french, he was famous around the centre.


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