Nice house this, Southend on sea

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Nice house this, Southend on sea Empty Nice house this, Southend on sea

Post  xray on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:48 am

Nice house this ! (real name unknown) frequented most central southend pubs in the early 90's , Dressed in his dirty overcoat (even in the summer) trilby type hat pulled down tightly on his head and sunglasses ,And his f**k off beard just set it off , He would wander from pub to pub talking to whoever would listen about pubs and beer and whilst speaking to someone would repeatdly look around the pub and say "nice house this". Once two kids swiped his hat and glasses off him and he chased them around the pub crying and screaming before falling to the ground and having a toddler like tantrum , Banging his fists and feet on the pub floor like a proper freak , So the guvnor told the kids to give him his stuff back and in no time at all he was back on his feet supping a pint of best and giving it "nice house this"


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